Dear fellow citizen and neighbor,

I moved to Oklahoma in August, 1982, to attend law school, earn a law degree.  My wife and I found Oklahoma to be a place that we loved and desired to remain. I completed law school in December, 1985, and was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 1986.  While attending law school, I worked as a legal intern and then after graduation I worked as an Assistant Municipal Counselor for the City of Oklahoma City.  In 1987 I opened my own law practice and began my career as a sole practitioner.  For nearly 25 years I represented numerous clients in thousands cases for a wide range of diverse legal matters.  My legal representation included both civil and criminal matters with extensive work in the areas of probate, family, collections, bankruptcy, and commercial law.  I represented clients throughout the State of Oklahoma in Federal, State, Municipal and Administrative Courts.

I was appointed as a Special Judge in Oklahoma County in June, 2010.  I was assigned a family docket which consisted primarily of divorce, paternity and child support cases.  I provided resolution of those cases in a timely manner, considered all the evidence, treated the parties with respect, and provided a fair and unbiased decision.

In 2017 I was appointed as a District Judge and as the Chief Judge of the Juvenile Justice Center where the focus is on the deprived and delinquent children of Oklahoma County.  Including myself, there are five judges at the Juvenile Justice Center. Each has approximately 300 deprived and 180 delinquent children under their jurisdiction.  There are many people who are a part of the team that serves the children of Oklahoma County in the District Court.  Particularly in Juvenile Court, there is a great need for judges who are dedicated and caring about the work they do.  I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens of Oklahoma County and would like to continue in my current role.

I have lived in the same home since 1989.  My wife and I have been married almost 37 years.  Our three children have all graduated from Putnam City High School. Our daughter came to us when she was 13 as a foster child of Oklahoma County.  I am personally aware of the challenges families face in Juvenile Court.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve as a District Judge in Oklahoma County.

Please cast your vote for me on June 26, 2018, so I may continue to serve as a District Judge in Oklahoma County.

Thank you for your support in this election.


Howard R. Haralson

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